IGNITE Totally You

My 3-Month Transformational 
Group Coaching Programme

For Women Ready To Make Changes And Take Action To Create Their Dream Life

 Positivity | Inspiration | Empowerment

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This journey will help you ignite life changing action to reclaim your spark and remove any barriers that are holding you back from your dreams and your best life!
** Limited availability **
Ignite Your Life Challenge - Exclusive Offer!
  • ​Ignite Totally You Weekly Group Transformational Coaching: 4 weeks of intensive and transformational learning, once a week for 60 - 90 minutes.  Supported by my training videos which you can watch in your own time. We break for summer on 21st July with a clear personalised action plan in place for you. We’ll have 3 check in points over the summer right up until September where we’ll review, adjust, celebrate and graduate!  I will help you take action and move you forward quickly towards your best life, with me, your trusty sidekick cheering you on.  (Valued at £2,997)
  • ​Ignite Totally You Training Videos: Deep dives in areas such as exploring deeply who you really are and what you stand for, mastering your mindset, goal-setting, money mindset, and kicking imposter syndrome to the curb for good! You'll enjoy bespoke visualisations that will spark that joy and light a fire in you to really believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to.   (Valued at £997)
  • ​3 Months Free Access to the Ignite Membership: A Monthly Membership Community for badass women like you, ready to step into your power as your best self! There are Weekly Lives, Hot Seat Coaching, Additional Workshops, Guest Speakers, a Book Club and Much More... Never feel alone my love. Get the support you need & become part of the Totally You Sisterhood. (Currently £47 pcm, packed with so so much value, content and access to me)
  • ​​Bespoke ​Welcome Pack: I’ll send you what you need to get you started plus some special goodies for you, my VIP too get you off to a great start!  (Valued at £97)
  • ​​​Private Group - The Igniters: Join together with the other ladies in this Ignite Group and build deep relationships ina  safe space as you all experience your own transformation.  (Priceless)

Invest In Full And Get My Amazing Bonuses...
  • Free: An Immersive 1:1 Coaching Session with Laura: In this session you will start to explore the real you, get clear on your values and how they show up in your life and also confidently discover your top strengths and how you can make them work for you!  (Valued at £497)
  • ​Superpowers Bonus Course: Find out what you are good at and what you enjoy and be prepared to take it to the next level! Laura’s exclusive online course - currently only available in The Conscious Female Entrepreneur Membership by Jessica Cunningham from the Apprentice.  (Valued at £297)
An immersive journey for badass women ready to step into their power! Stop playing it small and safe. Step into your BEST LIFE as your BEST SELF! 
Where Are You Now?
Before embarking on any journey you need to know what your current location is! What lights you up and what leaves you feel terrible? Where do you need to set boundaries and start saying HELL NO to some things, and HELL YES to more things that YOU want to do?
A Life Without Limits
If you had all the time, knowledge and courage you needed, what would you do with your life? That is where we'll start. Open your mind and dream BIG! Laura is proof that when you dream big, you can change your life in a relatively short space of time and be prepared to become a Super Attractor for success! Let’s start putting pen to paper in shaping our goals and let’s get visualising sister! Oh, and we’re going to make sure you stick to it - find your accountability partner and turbocharge your success!
Totally You Superpowers
Let's dive deep and gain clarity into what is working for you and what's not. We’ll explore your personal values, find your unique strengths and allow you to really know who you are and what you’re capable of before you evolve into You 2.0. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No - it’s a Queen Ignitor! Oh yeah!
Mastering Your Mindset
Identify anything that may have tripped you up in the past. Let’s lift the lid on your limiting belief system and throw out what no longer works for you. Your inner critic? Silenced. Imposter syndrome? Bye bye. Your fears? Let’s name and tame them! Pow!
Becoming Totally You
You will have already begun to take action to bring happiness and joy into your life. Now, you need to step in and start becoming her. Take action to go get your biggest and best life. Learn how to form new healthy habits that will turbocharge your success!
Spark Ignited
Celebration and graduation time! Sparkles and bubbles mandatory! Join your fellow sisters as we reflect on your journey, celebrate the wins and the learnings across the way. You will be blown away by how far you have come! Our very own Award Ceremony too, ooeerrr! 


My Journey to Becoming Totally You

I created Totally You as a movement to empower and inspire people to boldly be totally
themselves and go out there and really get it - on their own terms and in their own unique way!

With over 15 year’s corporate experience in HR and leadership in the UK and Australia, I thrive when working with ambitious and heart-centred women to achieve strong results and achieve sustainable change whether in their professional career, their own business, or when starting a side hustle.

Often people want change in their lives but don't know where to start or how to stay the course when life gets in the way of your dreams and plans. I know this and when I invested in coaching and surrounding myself with strong female role models, this is when my life really changed in ways I could never have predicted!

I deeply connect with people and I am never happier then working people who are self-aware and committed to growing and evolving! I am authentic, creative and there's no BS with me, I will help you get to where you want to be, faster and with more fun and joy than doing it alone!

If you're ready to show up for you and enter this next chapter with an open mind and heart, the magic will happen, I promise you darling x
I feel like I don’t have the time, I’m so busy at the moment, should I still apply?
Yes, my love! This is exactly why you need this. We’re always taking on more and more; this is dedicated YOU time, where you can be you, learning, growing and having fun. I have designed this membership with exactly you in mind. It is totally flexible and you can dip in and out as much as or as little as you like. If you try it and it’s not for you, come out my love, no drama!

“Laura has created this community of amazing women that are just kicking ass in life! I have made an amazing friend that I look up to and I am inspired by, that makes me feel like I can achieve anything!”

Suz, Totally You Member

Why join a group coaching programme?
I can try and explain just how amazing having a group of supportive, inspirational and real women are who genuinely want each other to succeed and thrive, but you may just have to trust me on this one…

One of my strengths and core values is connection: connecting on a deep level with you as a member and I utterly beam when connecting other fabulous women together. This membership is so much bigger than me. It’s about connection, solidarity and friendship too.

“Every week you can see how much growth and confidence the members are getting which I personally find so lovely and amazing to see. I had to tell my friends because I knew they would benefit so much from this course or membership that Laura is doing, I just had to call them and say… You need to get in this group now!”

Emma, Founder of Enchanted Creations

How will the online coaching Work?
I totally feel you. I want to make your life easier, not busier! I assure you it is easy to use and you can manage the notifications to your liking and make it work for you. 

Our workshops, hotseat coaching and book club sessions are held via zoom and at varying days and times so there’s something for everyone.

“I love checking into the group for a daily dose of inspiration and positivity. I pick and choose when I go in and I cannot tell you how much of a boost it has to my mood and the whole day when I see the support and encouragement in there!”

Sarah M, Business Owner

Can I bring a girlfriend/colleague?

I want more people just like you darling! If you know a girlfriend that is ready to ignite life changing action please let them know about this programme. As a heartfelt thank you, if your friend signs up, I have a BIG gift for you…

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